Hi There!


  I am Shobana Santthosh, and go by the name Shobi. I am 28 years old from Pleasanton, California. I am a Mom, Blogger, Entrepreneur and a Student. I am doing SaaS (Software as a Service) business online. I did my Bachelors as a Dietitian. So, I always have a thirst to read or write about nutrition and diet. I love cooking a lot. Italian dishes are my favorite. Apart from that, I love reading and gardening. And now, started to learn Piano with my elder son. It’s fun to learn and play keyboard with my son. It gives me a satisfaction that, I am spending a quality time with him. I don’t do exercise, because my younger son, who is 27 months old  takes that responsibility and keeps me busy all through the day.

Love at first sight isn’t just a quote in my life. It’s the truth that made my wedding happen! I met Santthosh (hubby) only once before my marriage and the internet helped us to carry our love until marriage. We have been living in San Francisco Bay Area for the past decade.

Quick facts about me

By the way, I have a lot of crazy questions in my mind. You are right. It’s not about the course.

  1. Do you think aliens exist?
  2. If swimming is good for our shape, why does whales look so big?
  3. When is the world gonna end?
  4. If man evolved from the Apes, why there are still apes? Are they gonna change into human anytime soon?

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